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Introducing of my hobby


Didn't blog yesterday, poor excuse as maintenance of my Nissan truck and drive to cheaper gas station several mile further than closest.

趣味と称して道具のメインテナンス, 特に刃物研ぎ。


Almost 20 years or more sharpening tools, I could say one of my hobbies.

Once I started it's hard to stop…

The pictures are just kanna(Japanese pull plane) but I sharpen Nomi(chisels) and Kogatana(small Japanese knives) too.

It might up to blog some day,

Keep check it out!



夏場の空気と違ってまだ冷たいからアイドリングに時間掛かったケド… したらオイルとチェーン確認するの忘れてた( ゚д゚) まぁ無事帰宅 結果オーライ!。

I like ride motorcycle short distance though… It was a warm day on new years day and I ride to shop.

It was took some time to idle and forgot check the oil and chain… realized during I riding back to home…

お気に入りの単車なのでチョット大きめな写真 www

I like this angle of pic... so little bigger pic than others lol



The plant I was going to use Kadomatsu but there was no room for this guys(purple passion) so I decided I will grow them.

I want to start bonsai too but for the start, I training myself for growing plants, live with plants.

Check back soon
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